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KC9TME 442.975 / KC9PIE 145.250 REPEATERS Jennings County, Indiana



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JCARA Welcomes DMR to our system.  Zone Name is Scipio. For more information visit the Hoosier DMR website.

Our Repeaters are located at 400 ft on the WWWY 106.1 F.M. tower in Scipio Indiana. Courtesy Of the White River Broadcasting Company.

Bridgecom ComLink BCR 2 Meter on 145.250 mhz No PL tone.

Amplifiers are Henry 100 watt continous duty.

Bridgecom ComLink BCR 70cm on 442.975 mhz with  PL tone 103.5

Both Repeaters are available for all to use and enjoy ! However during Central Indiana Skywarn Events, The 442.975 will be dedicated to National Weather Service Net Control Operations located at the NWS in Indianapolis.

You are now able to monitor severe weather reports from the entire Central Indiana Skywarn System in real time on 442.975 mhz with a  pl of 103.5.

During severe weather, this frequency is ONLY for Central Indiana Service Area County Nets to report back to the Central Indiana Skywarn net control.

Please do not make INDIVIDUAL reports to the National Weather Service on 442.972. The Central Indiana Skywarn Team stays very busy during weather events, and taking non life threatening individual reports consumes their resources needlessly.

 Those INDIVIDUAL reports should go through your local County Skywarn Net or 145.250.

If you are not sure if your county is served by Central Indiana Skywarn, please refer to their service area map Central Indiana Skywarn Service Area

Of course, in the event of a life-threatening situation, which requires the immediate attention of the National Weather Service, the 442.975 is your direct link to them.


The Jennings County Skywarn Net will be operated on the 145.250 no PL repeater, and will be available to pass traffic to the State Net when requested.


Thanks to the generosity of Lou, N7BBW and Bill, KC9TQN from Clark County,These fine gentlemen exhibit the TRUE spirit of Amateur Radio!                                                                                                                

A huge Thank You to the Jennings County EMA, the Cardinal-Ehrler Fund and the Scipio Fire Department for their generous support of Amateur Radio in Jennings County


 If you would like to help support wide area communications to South Central Indiana, JCARA is a 501c3 recognized organization. Your contributions are tax deductible.



 Mobile coverage area map





For details on how you can help us provide wide area communications coverage to South Central Indiana

Please Email kc9tme@gmail.com for more information or if you’d like to participate.

Any questions with regards to the Jennings County ARA or Amateur Radio in general should be directed to kc9tme@gmail.com